storytelling Is
the Oldest Power Tool


I look forward to ÀPY’s first narrative non-fiction production, Be Still (mybeatingheart). This eight-book series focuses on varied artists and how they each experience their duality between conditioned self and creator.

While ÀPY PRESS gestates, authors can still receive my developmental editing and coaching services, which come with personalized support and guidance.

Up your writing game by learning how to experience your duality as conditoned self and creator. That sweet spot births new energy by default and produces delightful books.

ÀPY is short for “editorial therapy,” a centripetal route I devised to discover together how to consistently return you to your core and the reason you write. 

ÀPY helps authors find the subtlest balance between form and presence. 

We aim to publish books that impact readers in their subjective and objective worlds, respectively, emphasizing love.

With ÀPY, authors get the gentle push they need to ensure their writing reaches its audience with clear, flowing, and magnetic storytelling.

Just pump that CONTACT button and we’ll get this party started!

Thank you,

Sherrill Layton

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Crystal Clear & smart solutions
To the most complex Writing challenges

Have you been toiling away at your book project for what seems like forever but can’t seem to get it right? Has the editing and rewriting process been so draining that you’re not sure what to do anymore?

Do you need help making your 5-W work shine? 

I’ve been there! That’s why I understand how valuable the right support can be when it comes to bringing your creative work to life.

ÀPY PRESS provides tailored “editorial therapy” sessions for authors just like you. My goal is to help you unlock the full potential of your writing project and give you the confidence and skills to set it apart.

My free consultations are perfect for creatives who aren’t sure where to start when it comes to tackling the rewriting, restructuring, and editing process.

I’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure that your work meets current industry standards and reaches its relevant audience.

See your book or content project soar! Contact me to learn more about ÀPY PRESS and how I can help you understand your genius.

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Self-Help & Spirituality


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I Provide what You Need for Stress-Free Content architecture

Fixed Budget

Editorial Freelancers Association sets industry standard fees based on word count, writing quality, and per-page speed.

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Product Managment

Book, blog, or thesis. Coaching, writing, or dev editing. Full-stack management to ignite your genius to express itself!

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Firm Deadlines

The editorial calendar shows when your next deliverabe is on its way, no sooner, no later.
On time, every time.

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Established Reputation

Storytelling is the oldest power tool
ÀPY PRESS helps you rev it up